cg square iconCG Innovation is proud to announce the launch of 2D Animation Film which we designed for a well known Travel Planning Social Network company “Live My Journey“.

Live My Journey is a travel planning web portal that uses curated travel content that is relevant to your destination and leverages social networking features to help you plan the perfect trip.

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CG Innovation is a professional Website Designing & 2D / 3D Animation Company located in Delhi and serving the businesses and clients worldwide. We are having deep industrial knowledge and technical specialists required to direct creative and unique 2D / 3D Animation films, Commercials, Advertisements, Short Clips etc. for our clients. We have a team of highly skilled and creative artists who makes our clients’ businesses more remarkable.

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Website Designing & DevelopmentPersonally I found some very useful tips for a website designer and would like to share them with you.  Believe me friend’s, it will be very helpful for your professional growth. Basically, all these points are connected with each other; read them all for a complete solution. Never ending learning and staying updated is very important in the field of Designing: daily new software, websites, tools, techniques come out. It’s up to your skill to take the best use of them for satisfying your clients.

Keep learning

Learning is an ongoing process for a lifetime. No one can become master in every aspect, but what you can do is trying. Do not create limitations for you by targeting one or two directions. You can find tutorials on Photoshop, Dreamweaver, flash etc, easily on Internet. Read those tutorial, try to practical implementation of impressive tutorials. While trying, you will notice that things which were seemed easy are not exactly so easy. Explore new and innovative ideas inside you.


Read articles, blogs and magazines. Read about the stuff related to your area of interest and stay updated. Daily, there are tons of new information has been shared in internet through articles and blogs. Take subscriptions of good magazine or blogs.  Plan your day in such a manner that you take out at least 2 hours for reading such information.  Your knowledge will increase rapidly.

Interesting – Bookmark it

I am sure you can find few things on internet which are really interesting. For example, some articles, images, designs, some inspirational quote. Bookmark all such things. Believe me; all this will be going to help you a lot in a long run.  First, you will be full of innovative ideas and thoughts. Secondly, there will be plenty of material for you to read in your spare time.

Write down your Ideas

Human mind is full creative ideas. All you need to do is just explore yourself.  What happens mostly that ideas come to your mind while walking on the road, sitting idle, travelling and eating. It washed away, by the time you want to implement them.  Write down the ideas on a handy diary or notebook.


Organize your personal life and work in such a manner that everything move on smoothly. Make proper use of folders and subfolders for your filings. Save your data in an organized manner so that you won’t get troubled while finding them. Your useful articles, tutorials, images etc should be kept in separate folders.

Plan your day, schedule your every minute in a useful manner. Daily maintain a “To Do” list for the day. It helps a lot in completion of all your pending works.

Social networking

Share your thoughts, ideas, and useful information with all your friends or colleagues. There are so many interesting social networking website available to you. Make use of them and expand your network. Tell everyone what are you doing, your plans, and your future goals. Interact with others. Social Networking is getting very important factor these days for growth. Know people and try to read their mind and thoughts.

Express yourself

Do not follow the crowd. In designing field, you can grow only with your impressive and unique designs.  Express your ideas, give inputs in meetings. Do not hesitate to express your thoughts. May be your creative idea could make a change.

Sports activity

Do not spend a lot of time on computers. I can understand that in designing field, you need to stay updated, create unique designs, ready and learning needs a lot of time.  But do not risk your health. Take good care of your eyes, spine and neck. Spend some time in sports. Find out your hobbies and area of interest. Spend some nice time with your friends or go out for a crazy drive. This way, you will find that your working capacity has been increased.

Enjoy Life

Enjoy your personal life and take a break from your daily schedule. Life is very beautiful with good friends. Go outside, have fun and spend time with your friends. God gifted you a life to live. In your old age, you will only have memories. I am sure you don’t want to keep a count on the hours you spend on computers.

You always want to cherish your schooling life, your first girlfriend and first kiss. Life is much more beautiful then designing.

Hope you all enjoyed this article. You are welcome to add your comments or share your thoughts here.

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Website Designing & DevelopmentCG Innovation is heading up and looking forward to the 3D Animation Industry.  These days the demand of 3d character modeling, 3d animation and visualization is growing rapidly. The wide spread of computer technology, all work of  modeling, texturing, Lightining, Rigging and Animation are performed with the supervision of Digital Artists. The most widely spread application which is used for creating 3d object or models is Autodesk 3DS Max and Autodesk Maya. The popularity and efficiency of 3D Max and Maya is reaching the heights. With the help of these programs, you can create and design almost everything you imagine. Our creative experts are successfully combining not only the skills of artists, but also perfect magination, they are capable of creating ultimate 3d visualization, which is the final purpose and will satisfy the demands of our client.

3d Models for computer games are in great demand. Our company is ready to provide our 3d modeling, 3d graphics and 3d design services to you with the Highly Advance Software called Z Brush, which is used to sculpt high poly Character models.

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