Website Designing & DevelopmentNow days, the term Web Designs and Web Development are often used with one meaning in digital media and Advertisement world. However, the web designs and web development are not the same things! Where, web designing involves the patterns, designs, colors of the web pages, on the other hand, development typically involves the functionality of website. Am I confusing you? Please read further, the article is an effort to explain the basic difference between web design and web development.

Any website, related to any kind of category is based on the following basic parameters:

  1. Distinct look and feel – Yes, you read right! The distinct look and feel presents the complete picture of a website, which involves the further basic aspects like navigation buttons, graphics, patterns; color configuration etc. It is the art of a graphic designer, who decides the patterns, colors and font style of the complete layout according to the client’s business requirements.  It is also very important that the complete look and feel must match with the style and nature of business.  Your website represents the complete image of your company online.
  2. Content of the site– Content is the very important factor for any website which includes the complete description of products, services and privacy policies of your company.  Solid and impressive content make a great impression on the reader’s mind, which further helps in generating profits. Any form of written text related to your information, your products and the services comes under the content.
  3. Functionality of website– This is rather one of the most important parameter for any website, which includes all the offered features of website to be used for interaction. It is the science of website programmer that what programming language he used to make the web page dynamic and proper functional interactive program. Further, Flash programming also used to animate the graphics. Languages like Java, .Net Applications, PHP etc are used to create dynamic web pages. At the end, all these coding are integrated in HTML pages for the general user.
  4. Usability– Usability is the most significant factor for any website. It simply means viewing the website from a user’s point of view.  Usability testing includes the certification of following things:
  • Does the look and feel of website portrait the nature and style of business?
  • Does the navigation buttons are easy user friendly.  Also, lead to respective pages?
  • Does the website loads fast on browsers?
  • Does all the programming applications are working properly?

Now, the very big question arises here! Can a single person perform all the actions? The answer is NO. It is definitely a team work for all the web designers and web developers. Where, web designer handles the aspects like patterns, font styles, distinct look and feel, content of the website and web developer take special care about the proper functionality, programming and testing the usability of website.

Therefore, professional web designers and web developers are two different individuals who work hand in hand to create an impressive website.

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